How can I connect with other attendees?
Event App

The 2024 Indiana Global Economic Summit will feature a mobile event app, ready for download 2-3 weeks prior to the event, that will feature an opt-in list of attendees and the ability to contact attendees via a special feature that goes to the recipient’s email address without contact information being shared.

Attendees can opt-in to be included in this list when completing their registration. A unique email address is required is required to be included in the list, but your email address or other contact information will not be included on the list. IEDC does not sell or share any registrant contact information.

Informal Networking

In addition, the Summit will feature informal networking on Friday afternoon, providing attendees with a space to talk and connect.

Summit Events

The Summit will offer two receptions open to all attendees – the “Hoosier Happy Hour” welcome reception at the Summit venue, the Indiana Convention Center, on Thursday, and the Late-Night Reception on Friday evening. Please check the schedule for more details.

How do I update or cancel my registration?

To update your registration, click here.

To cancel your registration, please contact Summit Registration. Please note that attendee registrations are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

How do I cancel or update my hotel reservation?

Please work directly with the hotel to cancel or update your room reservation. Your booking confirmation includes information on how to do that.

What is the dress code for the Summit?

For the Summit on Thursday and Friday, business attire is suggested. For evening activities, business or business casual attire is suggested, depending on the event. For race weekend activities, casual attire is suggested.

When will the agenda and speakers be published?

The agenda and full list of speakers will be published on our website 2-3 weeks prior to the event.   

Are student discounts or volunteer opportunities available?

There are no student discounts or volunteer opportunities available.

What is the security policy?

The IEDC restricts access to the Indiana Global Economic Summit and ancillary events to pre-registered attendees only. Summit credentials must be displayed at all times. 

To ensure the safety and security of all Summit attendees, no weapons of any kind are allowed in the main Summit venue, with exceptions for authorized law enforcement or security officers.

Are sponsorship opportunities available?

Sponsorship of the Indiana Global Economic Summit is a great way for sponsoring companies to advance their branding and marketing efforts, build relationships, support Indiana’s economic development efforts, and have leadership and key team members attend. To learn more about sponsoring, click here.

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